Reviews from our qualified iridologists

“Ellen Collinson’s Equine Iridology Course was one of the most valuable courses I’ve completed.  The Iridology Assessments have answered so many questions for myself, as well as for my clients.   
As a Craniosacral Therapist and MLD practitioner,  it helps me target specific areas that need work on these horses, as well as be more exact on Herbal/Feeding recommendations to help support specific organs or issues of concern. 
The course was very thorough with excellent explanations and scenarios.  
I found the most difficult and challenging part of the course was to get a good picture of the eyes.  Thankfully, Joey did give support with proper settings for the camera.  It took me a few tries playing with settings and using different cameras to get the results I was expecting.  Getting clear photos is most important for a thorough assessment.
A couple of examples of properly written assessments are most valuable to add to the final exam.  We all develop our own style, but it still is helpful as a guideline.  
The only other thing I would add is more photos of eyes with explanations (Thankfully there is a private group Facebook page that is most helpful and helps me continually learn as each horse offers new and different circumstances)
Thank you to Ellen and Joey for sharing your knowledge and your love of helping horses.”

— Lisa Wesson, Canada

“Fantastic course! I now use this every time I am out in my business and it’s definitely enhanced the performance of horses combined with my acupunture treatments”

— Nicole Hackett, Australia

“Having done the Equine iridology I was stunned and sometimes overwhelmed on how much we can see in the eye and what all we need to consider. For the course I would have wished more practical sessions via zoom for example on how to read the eye with someone experienced like Joey. I often felt like a ox in front of a mountain with everything we are able to see and to consider.
I wouldn’t mind one extra course on the Herbal treatment with Ellen Collinson’s Herbal knowledge she gained over the years. All in all its a very good course and Joey is very straight and correct – what is good to keep the equine iridology work respectable. I am so grateful it was possible to do this course online.
Working now in this field for 2 years its just getting better and better and truly amazing how much more one can help the horse by seeing the whole picture and not just a few symptoms. Main aim is to help people to get back to basics again and really feed and treat the horse as natural as possible.”

— Janna Strehlau, Germany,