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Online equine eye assessment

The iris holds a lot of information. It shows the health of your horse, genetic strengths or weaknesses. It can give information about the digestive system, organs, and the central nervous system. Also it gives information about toxic load and possible parasites. Trauma can also be seen, for instance head injuries contributing to headshaking etc.

Online assessments are available at €55.00. Please send a clear close-up photograph of each eye, and not a distant photo of the side of the head with the eye on it. The photos need to be high resolution and about 1-2 MB size.
Please allow up to 7 days to receive the assessment.

Before sending in your pictures please pay your consultation and have a look at the

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Online equine eye assessment


An online iris assessment includes

  • inherited strengths and weaknesses
  • toxic load
  • assessment of digestive track
  • mineral balance and PH
  • injuries (old and current)
  • organ evaluation
  • feed recommendations
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