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Iridology gives you the opportunity to virtually see inside your horse, and find the root cause of the problems

Equine Iridology Diploma Course

By Ellen Collinson, Dip.Ir., M.G.N.I. Equine Iridologist & Herbalist

About the course

Whether you simply want to be able to keep your horse healthy, and understand why he has any issues and what they are, or if you are looking for a rewarding career working with horses, or if you are already a therapist and want to have another ‘diagnostic’ tool, then Equine Iridology could be the answer, it will fit in with any other type of career as once qualified you can work to suit yourself. The course is a 10 lesson course, and has a test paper for each lesson, the first lesson is an introduction to Iridology and where and how it began, the next lessons cover a different part of the iris, so that it is easier to learn and remember, and finally the last lesson covers herbs and various treatments recommended for the different problems that occur. At the end of the lessons there is a practical exam. You will be required to hand in 5 test cases with your own iridology photos, including brief examination of the horses. After successfully completing the test papers and test cases you will receive the Ellen Collinson Diploma of Equine Iridology. Your instructor is Joey Philips who qualified with me. Read more about her below. As this is a diploma/practitioner’s course it is very intensive and it is vital that the knowledge is understood and if there are any queries or problems during the course you are welcome to contact Joey direct either through email or by commenting below the lessons. I feel confident that this course will give you a concise and detailed knowledge of Equine Iridology, once qualified you will be put on the register of Equine Iridologists.

What is iridology?

Iridology is one of the most beneficial and rewarding sciences one can learn, how many people do you know that have horses with ongoing behavioural or physical problems that they have tried for weeks, months and sometimes years to find the cause. Well Iridology gives you the opportunity to virtually see inside your horse, and find the root cause of the problems Iridology is a safe, painless and non-intrusive form of diagnosis via the study of the iris using magnification. In this way inherited genetic strengths and weakness plus tendencies towards certain organ/system dysfunctions may be ascertained. Many illnesses are simply symptoms of an organ malfunction, iridology can reveal the root cause of the illness so that the right treatment is easier and more effective. Professional iridologists agree that acute, sub-acute, chronic and degenerative conditions of the body are all reflected in the iris. Quite simply it allows you to “see” inside the horse to pin point where there is a problem that is the reason behind behavioural problems and physical problems, so many times horses symptoms are misdiagnosed due to lack of information and the fact the horse is unable to tell you where it hurts or what is wrong, with iridology you can see not only where there is a problem, but where there is the likelihood of a problem occurring due to either old injuries or inherited weakness.

Your Instructor joey philips

I am an experienced equine craniosacral therapist. I started my practice in 2010. Using craniosacral therapy, kinesiology and nutrition I am able to provide owners a holistic approach in treating their horses. Whilst working with horses I was always intrigued by the different structures in the iris. After studying with Ellen Collinson, iridology has become an integral part of my practice. It has helped me solve complex cases, when vets were at a loss. My field of expertise is headshaking. The iris is an invaluable piece of the puzzle when determining the cause of such an affliction. I can recommend anyone working in the equine professional field to take this course. It will literally open new ways to help your clients’ horses.
Joey Philips


10 lessons and final exam

Covering the different parts of the iris, history of iridology and herbs to treat different ailments. The exam covers iris analysis, photography skills and horse handling.

Video lesson on photography

A video and extra information how to take clear photographs and how to handle the horse when using a camera

All iris charts

You can download all iris charts

A qualified instructor

You will receive personal feedback on all testpapers and testcases


After successful completion you will receive the Ellen Colinson diploma and will be added to the register of qualified Equine Iridologists Note that signing up for this course does not guarantee a diploma, the instructors have the right to refuse a diploma if student results are not the level required.


After qualification support will continue and you will be added to a closed FB group to share and discuss cases with other qualified iridologists

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Ellen Collinson's Equine Iridology Course


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Iridology assessment of your own horse


Send in your own pictures for analysis

  • inherited strengths and weaknesses
  • toxic load
  • assessment of digestive track
  • indications of parasites, ulcers
  • mineral balance and PH
  • injuries (old and current)
  • organ evaluation
  • feed recommendations
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How long does the course take?

After having started, you can take as long as you like. However to receive the diploma the test cases and papers must be submitted within 2 years.

Will I still have access to the website after the 2 years?

You have unlimited access to this course.